Joining UChurch

Joining UChurch

…is easy!!!

We don’t have any official “invitation” during Sunday Worship, but there are visitor cards on the ends of each pew. Simply check the circle that reads “Joining the Church” and Pastor Julian will be in touch with you. You may also email Pastor Julian directly at:, or call the church (773-363-8142) and we’ll be glad to welcome you! Here’s how it typically works:

1. Pastor Julian will schedule some time to speak with you directly. Breakfast? Lunch? Want a home visit? Want to come the church during the week? The possibilities are endless. There you’ll be able to ask all of your questions and learn more about this place, while we learn a bit about you as well!

(some time passes…5 minutes or 5 months)

2. You will say, “Okay, sounds great. I want to make this community my church home.” :)

3. You will be introduced to the entire congregation at one of our quarterly “New Member Sundays” — you’ll say your name, and ONE INTERESTING THING about you — some people opt out of this, but it’s a fun and pressure-free way to introduce yourself to your new community.

(some time passes…)

4. You will GET INVOLVED! Somewhere here is a ministry that fits your passion. We believe that becoming a part of a community includes sharing in collective worship and collective work. We love together, we give together, we pray together, we live together.

***FAQ about Joining UChurch***

  1. I am a student and will only be here for a couple of years/months/weeks, but I really like UChurch. Should I join if I know I’m leaving?

    We recognize that people move around, but we are a faith community — as long as you want to make UChurch your spiritual home, you are welcome. One person joined and participated for 8 weeks before returning overseas; other members have been here for over 40 years. Don’t let time get in the way of you being where you want to be.

  2. What exactly does it mean to become a member?

    It means you decide to become a part of the community. Beyond Sunday worship, it means you believe in the vision and spiritual practice of University Church and want to help in making this community all it can be. This includes making a commitment to donate your time, talent, and treasure towards the service of God and all creation.

  3. Is there a financial requirement?

    Absolutely not! Some members follow the pattern of “tithing”, or giving 10% of their income (as described biblically in 2 Chronicles 31 and 1 Corinthians 16), while others dedicate a “pledge” at the beginning of the year (to give a certain amount over the course of the year). There is no model in place. However; we do hope that 100% of our congregation will give something, whether monies, volunteer time, or joining a committee. We thrive as a church through God’s good grace and our collective work.

  4. Is ANYONE truly welcome?

    Yes: without consideration of race, age, gender, class, religion, personality type, sexuality, or ability — ALL ARE WELCOME.