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29Apr 2016

“Abandoning my children is not a choice I can make. I live for them, and I will fight to stay with them,” says Jose Juan. When Jose Juan was placed in deportation proceedings and ordered to leave his wife and children behind by the Chicago Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, our church took emergency […]

05Feb 2016

The Guatemala Delegation departed for SaqJa on April 14 and will return on April 23, 2016. We will be blogging on this page as we did last year. Stay tuned for regular updates! (Photo at left is the 2015 delegation.) NOTE: This blog will be continuous, with the most current entry following the previous one […]

10Jun 2015

The mission of Camp Create is to enhance exceptionally well rounded, confident, and fun citizens of the world!! We are excited to spend the summer with you and your camper! To register for the camp, please click here to begin the enrollment process. Question? Please email the camp co-director at campcreateuc@gmail.com. Here’s to an amazing summer! Jarren S. Camp […]

15Oct 2014

Delectable and delicious are the only adjectives fit to describe delicacies from Fabiana’s Bakery. Our member, Fabiana Carter, bakes specialty cakes with buttercream or Swiss buttercream icing, that can make any celebration more special and office gathering more festive. Whether for weddings, anniversaries, birthday’s, or just because, let Fabiana’s bakery prepare a moist and delicious cake for you. Visit Fabiana’s blog at www.fabianasbakery.com.

02Sep 2014

Our member Mary Stainton is currently the c0-chair of our Worship Committee, and she is also a gifted writer! Follow her latest blog, which covers life with a disability, family, theology (she is ordained!), and more!!! http://lifeinmarysbody.blogspot.com/

10Jan 2014

Both Charles Hayes and Ragina Bunton will be singing in this, so come out and support! “A Dream in the Air,” a program of spirituals, original music, and the premiere of Marie Hunt’s cantata “From Glory to Glory: The Life, Death and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” will be presented on Sunday, January 19th, 2014, […]

10Jan 2014

Paul is a senior at Whitney Young High School. For many of you who have watched Paul from a boy, this is a great joy. Here he is on Sun Times TV discussing Georgetown, breaking his arm, and a bright future ahead.   http://tv.suntimes.com/video/high-school-cube-news-mvp/mvp-paul-white   And here’s Paul’s schedule so you can see greatness at […]

09Jul 2013

This article discusses how Paul White, member of UChurch, and Whitney Young HS nationally top-ranked hoops team, is quickly becoming a STAR not only in Chicago, but around the nation. Go Paul! http://seasonpass.suntimes.com/news_article/show/267032?referrer_id=596370

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