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11Dec 2013

“Charlie Brown’s Little Tree”   There’s an important moment in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (which, if you have not seen, you should never say aloud). Charlie is talking to Linus about how unhappy he is this Christmas season. He thinks something is wrong with him because he doesn’t feel how he’s supposed to feel. He […]

27Sep 2013

Pastor Julian is featured as one of the voices speaking to what a charred cross from 50 years ago may mean today. Many thanks to the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries

23Jul 2013

***printed first in “Sojourners” — , under the title, “The Neighborhood Watch: The Story of the Blind Samaritan” — The Good Samaritan & George Zimmerman was the original title*** First there is smoke on the highway — thick and black, as if the unknown fire was still burning. As I draw closer, the source of the dark […]

15Jun 2013

As pastor of University Church, I am sad to inform everyone that Rev. Michele Edwards, our associate pastor, passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 15, 2013, inside of Weiss Memorial Hospital. Michele had recently discovered and shared with the church her cancer diagnosis, and as she continued to serve the church and God’s people, she […]

23May 2013

The gearbox of an automobile is one way of talking about how a church operates. That is to say: sometimes we do a lot, and sometimes we are moving slow, and that’s okay as long as we are going the speed required of us at the given time: 1st gear on the highway, or 4th […]

22Feb 2013

Here is a link to the profile that ABC7Chicago did featuring our pastor, who also goes by J.Kwest. Enjoy, and share the exciting work of University Church with others!