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17Jul 2011

I’m not a fan of when people say, “We’re getting there!” That usually indicates that wherever “we” are is inadequate, or that the finish line is still faaaaroff (it also assumes that we know where this magical finish line is).  Whenever someone has said, “You’re getting there” to me, it was in context of the […]

17May 2011

Reprinted from May 2011 Messenger Life happens too quickly. I swear that I was 8 years old like, 2 hours ago, and this week another birthday arrives to remind me how far from that little boy I’ve come. Call it progression…(perhaps). Near my birthday I tend to gather up my life and see “where I […]

16Feb 2011

Reprinted from the April 2011 Messenger Some time ago my uncle had a house in Gary, Indiana that needed major rehabbing.  Though he tapped me — a lazy teenager — to help with these renovations, I still believe my uncle is a decent man.  There is nothing on Earth lazier than I was at 13 years old: […]