our dearly beloved associate pastor, Rev. Michele Edwards

our dearly beloved associate pastor, Rev. Michele Edwards

As pastor of University Church, I am sad to inform everyone that Rev. Michele Edwards, our associate pastor, passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 15, 2013, inside of Weiss Memorial Hospital. Michele had recently discovered and shared with the church her cancer diagnosis, and as she continued to serve the church and God’s people, she became a model for us all.


Michele lived, and died, as a champion. After her recent surgery and even through the rough beginnings of chemotherapy, she insisted that “Today is a good day.” This was EVERY DAY for Michele, even as she was readmitted to the hospital twice through several complications. When Michele went into Weiss’ ICU late last night, her sister came to be with her. Earlier today, I had the honor of being by Michele’s bedside for her final moments.


There is to be a memorial service along with many opportunities to pay tribute, and I will communicate those details as soon as I can. Her family is thankful and in mourning, as we all are. This has been sudden, but in dealing us such a great loss, God has been merciful to spare our sister much pain.


Thanks be to God for the life of Rev. Michele Edwards. In Love.


-Pastor Julian


****Let’s begin here, by allowing space if anyone would like to share stories of Michele or any other kind words in her memory****

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