Mission as Accomplishment

In his April 10 sermon, Pastor Julian distinguished between actions done for people (disempowering), to people (paternalistic), and with people (accompaniment).

Starting on May 1, the Social Justice Committee began an 8-part series at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday in the University Church library to look at the wider church’s understanding of mission as accompaniment. Part of the series will involve discussing how this congregation’s various ministries both are and are not forms of accompaniment.

Conceived by Linda Eastwood, each session will follow the same format to give continuity to the series. Reflection on Bible verses pertinent to each ministry will be followed by stories of accompaniment from the ministry of the person or group leading each session. Then the gathered group will reflect on what is and is not accompaniment in the stories told, what strategies or projects tried by each ministry have gone well and what have not. Opportunities to get involved in each ministry will be presented, and we will close in prayer.

We will post information about each ministry being presented and the results of the class discussion on the Social Justice bulletin board (on the north wall of the dining room nearest the library) each week so that those who have been unable to attend the class can read all about it. Go check it out!

Classes include accompaniment in Colombia and Guatemala, with those who are caught up in the criminal justice system, with those who have disabilities, and accompaniment in Palestine.