Pledging Our Time, Talent, and Treasure in 2020

Pledging Our Time, Talent, and Treasure in 2020

For many, University Church represents a beacon, a warm light that welcomes and embraces all who enter with love, full acceptance, and support in times of need.

Won’t you take a moment to consider how the path has been made a little easier or brighter?
How can your contribution help to keep that beacon shining for our 126th year and beyond?

In 2019, your pledges and offerings have made the amazing work of the church possible — from our dynamic and inspiring worship services, to our beloved annual retreat, to the salaries and benefits for our amazing staff. We couldn’t do it without you!

Our youth had a fantastic year, and we are grateful that we have an amazing youth minister on staff to coordinate activities and programs to strengthen their faith and connection to each other and to this church! In addition to offering Junior Church and Sacred Circle every Sunday, this year our youth have been able to:

  • Go on a service day volunteer opportunity at Chicago Food Depository
  • Celebrate Harvest Festival in October
  • Choreograph and participate in liturgical dances

God’s justice and mercy has always had a beacon in Hyde Park thanks to UChurch. Because of your support, this year we have been able to:

  • Host the Social Justice Fair in September
  • Give contributions to our allies/friends
  • Provide small cash gifts to people with immediate material needs (benevolence)

In 2020, UChurch plans to keep growing in both our mission and our faith. Your pledge will help us not only sustain our current programs and events, but increase our impact by:

  • Raising all staff salaries
  • Supporting the continued education of our staff and lay leadership
  • Purchasing curricula and other materials for spiritual/theological development
  • Offering a modest budget to ALL committees, increasing their ability to explore new opportunities for ministry in our congregation and neighborhood

If members like you pledge faithfully, we should be able to do all that we’re hoping… and more!

How can I pledge?

You may pledge online, on cards inserted in your bulletin each Sunday in November, or at the office. You are invited to reflect on what you can give to University Church in 2020 and affirm your commitment on November 17, Stewardship Sunday. All pledges count!

Also, please mark your calendar for our Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday, December 15, immediately following the service, when the budget will be approved.

(Did you know?)

  • UChurch is supported by, and supports, two social enterprises that bring in revenue: Our monthly re-sale shop contributes $9,000 a year to our general budget, and Covenantal Community of University Church covers nearly all of our property manager’s salary. Covenantal Community is a 20-unit affordable rental co-op at 61st and Woodlawn that was started by UChurch members in the 1960s.
  • Over the years, UChurch has built up a social justice endowment fund of nearly $39,000. Interest from it is available for controversial causes. And it has a general endowment fund of about $47,000.