Imagine the Unimaginable (a Poem)

By Colleen Patikas

Can you imagine?
Can you speak the words that have not yet been spoken?
Can you keep a bond that can never be broken?
Like handcuffs that could never be opened
Imagine the possible
The possibility that
Holds the key 2 fantasy
And fantasy holds the key to
Cuz if you have real eyes
You’ll be gin 2 realize
That part of fantasy is fiction
Part of fiction is non-fiction
Which is the truth
The truth though is hidden
You have 2 sit and think
And hear your heart
2 hear the truth that you’ve been missin’
It’s always there but no one bothers to listen
Your heart is tellin’ you that
Killin’ someone 4 just breathin’
Is never a reason
That standin’ on the wrong block will get you shot
See people that kill are far too deep in their heart 2 see
Love me forever
They plugged their reality into their dreams
Cuz in Dreams everything is not as it seems
They go 2 deep
They go 2 far
And in the end
4get who they are
Ever go 2 deep in your Dreams
And 4get what it means 2 be a human being.