Friday, December 18 — by Antonia Coleman

Love requires that a newly wedded couple leave out from their home to a new place for possibilities and a new life.

Love requires that the newly wedded couple bring forth a newborn during the advent season.

Love requires their stories of their we story, the first one away from home.

These are my parents who you helped me pray for during my time with you. Their “we” story, though shared differently, interlocks and ushers us in prayer. Let us pray…

Creating and sustaining eternal wonder we are grateful for another advent season. We have moved through hope, peace, joy and are approaching love. We, the people, strive for what is required through love. Love is the foundation and requires determination through any storm.

  • Love requires reconciliation.
  • Love requires reparations.
  • Love requires family.
  • Love requires snow to cuddle.
  • Love requires patience and self-awareness to forgive oneself.
  • Love requires a selflessness that is compassionate with boundaries, self-control and acceptance.
  • Love requires peace.
  • Love requires us to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.
  • Love requires us to be in divine relationship with all of our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our souls.
  • Love requires us to love each other, love our neighbor, love the outsider, love the other like we should love ourselves…regardless.

As we continue in this season, may we as a beloved community that is forward focus towards discernment, through love’s requirement, we are certain that we will be the beacon, the hands, and the feet of the wonder we honor, the light of the world, soon to come, again.

Amen and Asé.