“Abandoning my children is not a choice I can make. I live for them, and I will fight to stay with them,” says Jose Juan.

When Jose Juan was placed in deportation proceedings and ordered to leave his wife and children behind by the Chicago Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, our church took emergency moral action and welcomed him into Sanctuary.

To help us fight to keep this  family together, we started a petition to Chicago ICE and the Department of Homeland security who can keep Jose Juan home.

Click here AND here to add your name and tell Chicago ICE: Don’t deport Jose Juan, father of 5.

Jose Juan has called Illinois home for almost half of his life. His US citizen children – ages 2-14 – have never known any other home.

Jose Juan made a mistake and was was charged with an “aggravated” DUI. The aggravated charge is solely because as an undocumented immigrant he had no access to a driver’s license. As people of faith, we believe that we are always more than our mistakes and that all of God’s children deserve second chances. Faith compels us to respond to injustice, to welcome the stranger, and to promote families staying together.

You can also support Jose’s family by clicking here.

Volunteer to accompany Jose Juan by emailing the volunteer coordinator here.

2 Responses to Hands off Jose Juan
  1. I totally support Jose Juan and am opposed to President Obama’s deportation program. I voted for him in the last two elections and am very disappointed on his stance of deporting immigrants, especially those who have worked hard and are without legal offenses except minor ones like driving while under the influence committed seven years ago….this is a scam and disappointing that the U. S. government would go to such horrid steps as an excuse to deport the father of a family. Obama is sullying his legacy; he has done so little for his own people and gone back on so many promises to his people and to the Americans who believed so strongly in his commitment to honorable changes.

  2. God bless you Juan and your family. Stay strong. Have faith and everything will be ok.


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