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11May 2016

  It has been 3 weeks since Jose Juan Federico Moreno entered University Church, and you are probably wondering how things are going. In any other world, and probably most other faith communities that would take this on, the answer would be, “Amazing! Look how Faithful we’re being!” Or LOOK, we’re on the cover of […]

28Apr 2016

A piece written for the Forum for Theological Exploration, exploring call stories, and Pastor Julian talking a bit about how he came to love church.

30Sep 2015

I went outside yesterday and needed a jacket; I didn’t have one, but I needed one. The weather had changed dramatically – as it always does this time of year – and suddenly the church’s plans for installing A/C were not as urgent. (Don’t worry; it’ll be here by next summer). That’s another big change: […]

22May 2015

Rev. Julian DeShazier, Pastor of University Church will appear on the Chicago Sunday Evening Club documentary, Violence in Chicago: Responding in Faith. The documentary highlights the city-wide cost of violence for all the citizens of Chicago – the damage done not only by bullets but by feelings of fear and hopelessness that stretch from the […]

13Feb 2014

(the original post and conversation can be found at my homepage)   ***A few weeks ago, I did a sermon that mulled over the following question: “What is the difference between a disagreement, a debate, and an argument?” Whatever you read below is my attempt at following my own ethics. We will disagree on this*** Michael Sam, University of Missouri […]