University Church is excited to announce its 1st community open-mic, bringing together artists within our neighborhoods, schools, and city in celebration of our collective gifts. Join us for an evening of poetry and storytelling as we speak spiritual truths to power while cultivating new relationships.

 Artists are invited to share their work in a safe, empowering space.

THEME:        Rebirth and Stagnation


WHERE:        5655 S. University Ave Chicago, IL 60637


TIME:   7pm -9pm



What if I have a piece I’d like to share. What should I do?

Arrive on time (7pm!) and speak with Jessica, our Cypher organizer. If you don’t arrange a spot then, there will (probably) be times in the event when we open the mic at random. Bring your piece either way!

What if I don’t have a piece; can I still come?

Yes (that was easy!). Bring a friend as well. Artists should come to share and inspire. The rest of us will be inspired and experience spoken word in a fresh way.

What if I am an artist but don’t do “poetry” per se; can I still share my piece?

Yes. All we ask is that you not use musical accompaniment. We really want this to be about the power spoken and written WORD, but this is not limited to poets. Humorists. Storytellers. Songwriters. Novelists. Et cetera, et cetera.

What is this theme of “Rebirth” and “Stagnation” about?

Spring is about new growth – new opportunities and ways to breathe fresh air into old paradigms. Artists will talk about what “rebirth” means for them (in other words, NOT LIMITED TO “born again in Christ” or something like that). Whatever it means for you, we want to hear about it.

“Stagnation” is simply the other side of “rebirth.” Not necessarily death, but ways in which dormancy and sitting still (making no progress?) are making sense in the lives of these artists. Because this event is catered towards artist communities, holding these themes in tension with one another was important to us.

Feel free to talk about either or both.

What are the RULES?

There is no dress code and no age code for The Cypher. All who are interested in experiencing and sharing poetry, and want to think about their faith in the midst of that, are welcome! Remember that this is a respectful faith community; artists are allowed to speak their minds and hearts, however they see fit to express.

Cost? Food?

Free, and some (very) light snacks. Coffee is likely to be a part of the experience. That will be free as well.

There will be an opportunity to leave a small donation so that University Church can continue dreaming and doing ministry in Hyde Park (outside of Sunday).

FINALLY, and you didn’t ask, but feel free to look around the website to learn more about University Church!

We worship on Sunday morning at 10:30am.

Our pastor is Julian DeShazier. He’s a poet rapper too!

We are a faith community dedicated to (among other things) nurturing artists! This summer we’ll be publishing composers and authors. It’s a good time to be around.

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